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Victoria Zdrok & family

диссидентвующее блядство на семейном подряде
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Free Image Hosting at What we see here is three ethnic Ukranian ladies covered, or rather uncovered, with American flags: adult star, Playboy Playmate, and Penthouse Pet with JD and PhD Victoria Zdrok; her mother Olga Zelenetskaya, former educational researcher; and her older sister Tatiana Zdrok aka Lara Buenfil, also an adult model, allegedly, with PhD.
Few words about this wonderful family.

Free Image Hosting at Drexel graduation Victoria Alexandrovna Zdrok (née Zelenetskaya), born 03/March/1973 in Kiev, was allegedly the first Soviet teenager allowed to come to the United States as a foreign exchange student in 1989. Victoria graduated from Pensacola Junior College at 17, she graduated from West Chester University with a B.A. degree at the age of 18,

Free Image Hosting at Then she entered a joint law and psychology graduate program hosted by Villanova University and Hahnemann Medical School and has received her J.D. degree in law (and passed the bar in New York and New Jersey) and her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 2003 (from Drexel University, which acquired Hahnemann). In 2004 she published her first book The Anatomy of Pleasure: The Head to Toe Guide to Better Sex.

Free Image Hosting at In 1990, at the tender age of 17, she married Alexander Zdrok, 39-year-old ex-Golden Glove boxer, twice married and divorced, who then worked as the attorney for mob boss John Stanfa and was disbarred by the state Supreme Court in 1991 for forgery and deception. Their marriage ended in 1996 and they've been battling in court over the property settlement ever since.

Playboy 10/1994 Penthouse 06/2002 Victoria was discovered by Playboy magazine, who made her its Miss October/1994, that centerfold appearance launched her on parallel career as a model, which somehow slided towards more hard-core side, leading to appearances in Penthouse as Pet of the Month June/2002 and Pet of the Year 2004. Quote: "Penthouse! Because if I was a guy I couldn't masturbate to Playboy, it's just too soft for me!"

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Beginning in 1998, Victoria has maintained a pornosite, which she changed to after being sued by Victoria's Secret Co.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at She has a daughter Silvana Maria Wilson with her current boyfriend John Wilson, who starres opposite of Victoria in adult movies. Victoria's PhD thesis is dedicated to her daughter, who she hopes will be inspired to carry her intellectual torch in future years.

Free Image Hosting at According to Victoria she was raised in anti-communist family and thus considers obtaining US citizenship (through marriage) and helping her family emigrate (and enter adult business) one of her greatest achievements. She enjoys freedom (of sticking objects in her private parts in front of the camera) and lives the (wet) American Dream.

Info: Autobio | AskMen profile | Exp0sed thread
Interviews: BoyDX | RKB | MPM | JR

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Tatiana Alexandrovna Zelenetskaya, was born in 1972 in Kiev. For some inconceivable to me reason she goes by the last name Zdrok, that of her sister Victoria's ex-husband. I don't think she actually changed her last name legally though, probably it's just that Zdrok is much easier for anglophone pronunciation than Zelenetskaya. Anyway, according to her autobiography she couldn't get into the university to study archaeology "because her parents were not members of the Communist Party" (quite a phoney excuse, especially in circa 1990, take my word for that), so she went to a different school and graduated with a dergee in education, just like her mommy.
Free Image Hosting at Soon after she moved to the US to join her sister and mother and "began learning the American ways" (taking her clothes off, I guess, and getting a boob job down the road). Tatiana presently maintaines adult-oriented website under the assumed name of Lara Buenfil - yet another mistery of her name - no clue where this one came from. In a mean time she's either got or is still pursuing her PhD in Archaeology from "one of the best", but nameless University.

Info: Autobio | Pics

Free Image Hosting at Father: Alexander Zelenetskii, commercial photographer, photojournalist, and an avid listener to the Voice of America; mother: Olga Zelenetskaya, former education researcher, currently part-time mature adult model. I appears that Alexander and Olga did a pretty good job teaching their girls to despise the Soviet way of life and admire everything American.

Acknowledgements section of Victoria's PhD thesis also gives thanks for assistance and support to Vladimir Zdrok, whoever he is, probably her ex-husband's brother.


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