Saturday, March 26, 2005

Election Erection has conducted it's own pre-election poll Election Erection 2004, the vote counted only if supported by a nudie pic - Kerry got 220, Bush got 120 and quite a few went for independents. Taking the nature of this poll into account, the results are hardly surprising, after all painting political slogans over nude female body is definitely a liberal thing. I'm pretty far from being conservative, but somehow I still prefer my politics and my nudity separately, but based on the hundreds of 'votes' in this poll college girls are quite eager to get naked to support their candidate.

More pics available at CollegeHumor's Election Erection 2004

And finally a little rebellion -
"Bush...Kerry...Screw Democracy, Communism all the way!!!"
I can't help but wonder where did these kids, who apparently believe that the word Soviet looks better when spelled with inverted letter e, get what seems to be an authentic Soviet flag?


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