Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Flashers on MIPT campus

Мать честная, это ж Физтех!..
What seems to be an oridinary amateur photoshoot of some skinny red-haired girl flashing her goodies, turnes out to be something pretty unusual - apparently it takes place on campus of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology /MIPT/, also known as Phystech (about*), the school somewhat equivalent to MIT of the Soviet Union.

I first saw this set re/posted at some forum without any reference what so ever, but even though it's been a while, I was still able to recognize the campus buildings in the background. Back in the day (yeah, I actually went to that school) male/female ratio in the student body used to be something like 20/1, thus even fully-clothed girls very pretty rare on campus, let alone nude ones, that's why I'm sort of surprised to see this sort of pics taken there.

Oh, and here is another naked chick, apparently from the same photoshoot

Actually it's been a while since these pics originally surfaced, allegedly tracing back to this amateur site, but that's about all the information there is.

"Я променял девичий смех на голос лектора занудный, на этот ёбаный Физтех и сраный город Долгопрудный" - пелось в песне. Времена, однако, меняются...

* I tend to disagree with the author of Non Canonical Phystech on many issues, but his introduction, even though a bit exaggurated, actually makes sense.


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