Thursday, April 28, 2005

Maxim (UK) 2005 calendar

UK Maxim published 2005 calendar there nude models impersonate well-known ladies - politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, etc. The idea itself, which by the way some could find offensive, is in fact not bad at all, but these Maxim pictures definitely fail to capture aurae of the women they are trying to portray.

Florence Nightingale (Natasha Mealey), Mother Teresa (Jodie Oram), Marie Sklodowska Curie (Jerri Byrne), Eve (Betsie):

Queen Victoria (Jodie Oram), Germaine Greer (Nikkala Stott), Princess Leia (Lucy Becker), Catherine the Great (Jerri Byrne):

Margaret Thatcher (Lucy Becker), Oprah Winfrey (Betsie), Cherie Blair (Nikkala Stott), Princess Diana (Natasha Mealey):

Actually the story doesn't end here, May/2005 issue of Polish CKM magazine reprinted seven pictures from the set above, replacing personas with Polish literature heroines, thus Princess Leia became Balladyna, Queen Victoria - Lalka, Mother Teresa - Jagna z Chłopów, Princess Diana - Tredowata, Marie Curie - Siłaczka, Germaine Greer - Zosia Samosia, Catherine the Great - Nasza Szkapa (see the pictures in the gallery @ Imagevenue).


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