Wednesday, June 01, 2005

4 inches: continued - Max (DE)

in: Models
Another set of pictures from Elton John's Four Inches turned up in June/2005 issue of German MAX magazine. The whole set scanned by blackshine is available from his blog. Those that I haven't posted before are below:

Yasmin Le Bon (by Amelia Troubridge), Aimee Mulins (by Pamela Hanson), Carmen Electra (by Sheryl Nields)

Tatjana Patitz (by Naomi Kaltman), Padma Lakshmi

Rebecca Romijn (by Isabelle Snyder)

Laura Bailey, Iman

Malia Jones (by Huggy Ragnarsson), Heidi Klum (by Pamela Hanson)

Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton (by Huggy Ragnarsson)

Sarah Ferguson - Duchess of York (by Pamela Hanson)

Kelis (by Patricia von Ah)

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