Monday, April 18, 2005

Cindy Crawford + Christy Turlington = ?

Free Image Hosting at Questions about Cindy Crawford's sexual preferences got stirred up again last year after the infamous passage in Jenna Jameson's book. In fact there were many rumours back in the 90s that Cindy was bisexual, some even suggesting she had an affair with Christy Turlington. The latter was because the famous American models were photographed kissing behind the Roxy nightclub in New York in 1991. The story was reported by the tabloids (allegedly Celebrity Sleuth magazine), but for some reason I was never able to trace the reference to any particular publication, nor was I able to find that picture of Cindy and Christy in a lip-lock.

Free Image Hosting at So Cindy was caught kissing Christy, big deal, who wasn't photographed kissing Turlington in '91? In the picture we can see Christy Turlington and Alexandra Valenti having their fun. Nevertheless for some reason there aren't that many speculations about Christy's sexual orientation, it seems that only Cindy Crawford episode is ever mentioned, and even then it's always Cindy and never Christy, who is claimed to be lesbian or bisexual.


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